Art for Progress is providing arts education to underfunded schools serving at-risk youth in New York City. Numerous studies have shown that arts education can improve children’s mental health and lower high school dropout rates resulting in better educational outcomes in the future. By partnering with underfunded schools to provide art teachers, create arts education programming, and secure the necessary operating funds, we are giving at-risk youth the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of having an arts education and, in turn, helping to create more equitable mental health and educational outcomes for underserved youth.

AFP - Michael Alan’s “Living Installation,” an Extraordinary Experience

We had the opportunity to work with Michael Alan and attend the show on November 9th. It was a great experience to work with Michael and his crew.


They put their hearts and souls into this production, and there is a great sense of community among them.  We also used this opportunity to help some of the people in Staten Island who are having a challenging time. Guests brought food and made donations throughout the evening, and Michael personally delivered the goods to his hometown people in need.


The show itself tells a lot about the man. Given his physical state and the demands of the show, it’s clear Michael is a giver and a fighter. The show on November 9th was 8 hours long with a short break after a 4-hour stint. As people came to the door and were greeted by the lovely Caridad Sola, they were asked to pay $20 if they were not on the guest list. There were very few names on the guest list for this show.  Many who might have expected to be on the guest list responded, “I’ll pay the $20 to support Michael.”


To our surprise, Michael contacted us a few days after the show and said he wanted to do another show on November 24th. He was so pleased and energized by the last show that he wanted to do it again. We’re proud to be part of the show again. Below are some great shot’s from the show and you can view a fantastic youtube video that captures the essence of the performances.


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