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The Miami based multi-media visual artist and licensed architect Caridad Sola - has exhibited in a variety of places, including the Lowe Art Museum in Miami, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Center, Grace Exhibition Space at the Armory in New York City, the Arts + Literature Laboratory Gallery in New Haven, CT, Fountain Fair during Art Basel Miami, and awarded the “Best of Show” designation at the “Made in NY 2006” exhibit at the Schweinfurt Memorial Art Center in Auburn, NY.   Currently, she practices out of her personal studio in Miami Fl.   Prior to this, Ms. Sola held a studio in Manhattan where she practiced her work and continued her profession in architecture as a construction project manager for the National September 11 Memorial & Museum Project at the World Trade Center Site and served as the Director of Design & Construction at Pink Stone Capital Group LLC.  She is currently the Director of Onshore Design Development and Construction for major Cruise lines.

Artist Statement

Awaken your senses. Dark soil wrapped in white sheets, bricks suspended in the air by delicate sheer ribbon, and red-feathered pillow fight in a white room. I expose the buried memories that everyday objects hold. I invite you to feel the materials: stick your hands into the water, walk barefoot on pillows, feel the slight roll of freshly-cut sugar cane underneath your feet smell the feathers, the soil, the cane, and hear the sound of a beating heart or water lapping. I reveal the beauty, buried memories, and richness that everyday objects hold. Through the transformation of space, and exploration of my body and others, I create memories.  I have a passion for the grandiose, the dramatic, and the theatrical. I expose viewers to rituals, collective memories, and metaphors. But like memories, these experiences will not last. Installations are ephemeral after they are de-installed all that remains are memories, documentation, and artifacts. From bricks to pillows, I CREATE UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCES.


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